Batman Collage


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It’s been a while since I created a collage.  The last one I made was for my application to Otis Art School, and though I was awarded a spot, I ended up attending UCSB instead – but that’s a story for another day.
I recently decided to give collage another try when trying to figure out a gift for an artist friend of mine.  He’s a big comic book geek and a Batman fan, so I decided to do my interpretation of the Batman Arkham City game cover.  I kept it loose, and stylized it a bit.

My Process:

I gathered all my old magazines and started tearing out the black and white pages, and all shades in between.  Next, I sketched the design on a panel of wood.  I began gluing torn bits of magazine pages onto the wood panel, starting with the bat symbol.


Working in black and white was a bit of a challenge.  Finding a wide range of blacks proved to be more difficult than originally thought, and this affected the Batman figure.


So I decided to make the collage a hybrid of sorts – part paper, and part pen and ink drawing…